Tips to Prevent Comment Spam

Tips to Prevent Comment Spam There are many different ways to prevent comment spam. You can use third-party plugins and code to block comment spam. Changing the URL of your website also prevents commenters from posting their comments. In addition to these, you can block all links to your website. Using a blacklist can help you catch comment […]

Free WordPress Blog Themes

Free WordPress Blog Themes When you decide to create your own blog, there are many different free WordPress blog themes that you can choose from. Depending on your needs, you can choose from themes that feature a simple, clean design or fancy features. The Neve theme has a clean, modern look with a search bar, and it works […]

The Best WordPress SEO Plugins

The Best WordPress SEO Plugins There are plenty of WordPress SEO plugins that can help you improve your website. Here are some of the best WordPress SEO plugins available. Yoast is one of the most popular plugins. It has many features that can help you improve your site. This is an extremely powerful plugin that makes it easier […]

The Best WordPress Chat Plugins

Among the many WordPress chat plugins, live chat is probably the most important feature. However, there are other features that are just as important, including the ability to provide quick and courteous customer service. To learn more about the best live chat for WordPress, continue reading! The following are a few of the most popular chat options available […]

Best WordPress Backup Plan

This is a discussion with a guy who is a network marketing expert and with his experiences as a blogger that has helped thousands of people establish their online business. He will tell you about his best WordPress backup plan that he has used, so you will know if your information is secure and safe in the event […]